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Air Travel with Firearms

Many firearm owners are scared or worried about what is required for air travel with guns.  The security arrangements make people think that to be able to take a firearm on a plane would be impossible - well it is not impossible!

With arrival of cheap air travel within Australia, many hunters and shooters are taking to the skies.  The discount airlines have revolutionised air travel and many hunters are now following the game bird seasons around the country.

Even those shooters that enjoy competing in target shooting competitions are becoming frequent fliers and going to shoot at places they would never have thought of before.  And why not?  In some cases it is cheaper to fly to some hunting and shooting destinations than it is to drive a car and takes a lot less in time.

Download a copy of Air Travel with Guns courtesy of Feather and Fur magazine.

Issue 78 (November 2011) of the Feathers and Fur magazine includes an excellent article on air travel with firearms.  Graham Eames, Editor and Publisher of Feathers and Fur, has kindly given permission for the article to be reproduced here.

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